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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Imagine living on your land, raising your family, growing your crop, making your clothes, and going about your business as if it was an ordinary day, but on this day you witness a large number of strange looking objects approaching you from the sea.

And after several hours of observing these strange looking objects, (that are now much larger in size) are now motionless resting on the shore of your land, while pale-skinned men dressed in unusual clothing with shiny and heavy objects enveloping thier heads, and long slender objects in thier hands that they periodically point in a certain direction when directed by only one of these pale-skinned men.

Imagine being greeted by these men while they are speaking sounds and making verbalizations to you and your neighbors that cannot be understood by you or your people. And, after several hours of these pale-shinned people yelling and raising thier voices at you, they simultaneously raise thier long slender objects and point them directly at you, your family, and your neighbors.

Within five seconds you hear a loud noise, while witnessing smoke rise from each long slender object, then immediately following you feel an extremely painful sharp pain your stomach, and blood is squirting from it rapidly. Within minutes, you lose all of your physical strength, and you fall to the ground and perish, murdered by these pale-skinned men.

-Mark R. Rowe