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Friday, December 25, 2015

Real disease is found at autopsy and fully scientifically explained inPathology textbooks Mental Illnes is defined by what someone does, andreal disease is what someone has.

In 1776, a Bavarian Jesuit by the name of Adam Wieshaupt was commissioned by the House of Rothschild centralize the power base of the Mystery Religions into what is commonly known as the Illuminati meaning "Enlightened Ones." This was an amalgamation of powerful occultic bloodlines, elite secret societies and influential Masonic fraternities, with the desire to construct the framework for a NWO of outward goal of this Utopia was to bring forth universal happiness to the human race. Mabus will do things that will make what Adolf Hitler did look like a joke. ILLUMINATI [ilu’mine’tai; ilu’mina’ti], a name given by the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers to those who submitted to Christian baptism (Greek; phi omega tau o’ s, “illumination”). They were called “Illuminati” (phi omega tau o’ s), or “illuminated ones,” on the assumption that those who were instructed for baptism in the Apostolic faith had received the grace of illumination in an enlightened understanding. Clement of Alexandria speaks thus of such baptismal light. -Frederick Bonekema Neurology vs. Psychiatry ___________________________ Psychiatry's main focus has been on functional disorders. Functional disorders do not have an observable pathology. This has made psychiatry awkward and artificial. The path for the physiological definition of neurology has been discovered and proved, but the path for the physiological definition for functional disorders, (that is the main focus of psychiatry) has not yet been discovered since, functional disorders do no have an observable pathology. The Industrial Revolution period encompassing the vast social and economic changes that resulted from the development of steam powered machinery mass-production methods. It began in about 1760 in Great Britain extending through some of the first half of the nineteenth century. The lives of large sections of the population of Great Britain underwent massive changes during the industrial revolution. Work became more regimented and disciplined and began to take place outside the home. A movement of the population to the cities from the countryside produced dramatic changes in lifestyle. The Industrial belt of Britain stretched from the Scottish lowlands to the valleys of southern Wales. The establishment of major factory centers helped develop networks of canals, roads, and railroads. Some of these major factory centers are Derbyshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Nottinghamshire, and Yorkshire. This is where the proletariat class was born. The Industrial Revolution helped create opportunities for employment for all members of the family. However, any improvement to the quality of life for the laboring class had come from a hard and bitter experience from factory labor. -Mark Ralph Rowe 3/4/2016 San Diego, CA 92113 What was the involvement of the Rothschild family with: (1); diamonds, gold, silver, coal, copper, materials for tin and rubber, and plants used for medicine, (2); The Great Trek from Nigeria to the battlegrounds of the "Jameson Raids" and the newly created free state of the Nation of Orange and the Afrikaans, (3); the creation of dual opposition warfare in India, (4); the takeover of Palestine, (5); The Bank of England, the Bank of Vienna and several other central banks, (6); The Hapsburg Empire, (7); the Russo-Japanese industrialization, (8); Boer War 1, and Boer War 2, (9); the worldwide influence of Karl Frederich Marx's writings while living in London, England, (10); the numerous holocausts that occurred in western Russia from 1902-1907 -- due the influence of Karl Frederich Marx and the violence of the commoner directed at wealthy Jewish merchants, (11); The Russian Revolution and the rise of Joseph Stalin as the result of both Lenin and Marx, (12); The German anxiety, and the German invasion of Belgium in 1914, (13); England and Belgium's mutual national defense agreement that led the the very first World War, that was a war that stretched from every longitudinal and latitude line resulting in over 60,000,000 human causalities. -Mark Ralph Rowe 10/19/2015 San Diego, CA 92101 The following citations are from the Colliers Encyclopedia, Volume 9, pages 384-389; Copyright 1963, Crowell and Colliers Publishing Company, Chief Editor, Louis Shores Ph.D. 1)  "Eugenics  Eugenics is a science that was created by Francis Galton.  Eugenics is a pseudo science and not a real science." 2)  "In 1960 there were 20,058 reported cases of human sterilization in the states of California, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, . . . . a total of 13 states." 3)  "Dr. J. B. Haldane M.D., president of the Human Betterment Association of America used methods in medical science to create a "sire" gene that involved the modification of gene frequencies.  A great risk was posed to Eugenicists, since there was a possibility that this "sire" gene would one day mutate after several generations of each passing of it's DNA polypeptide sequences." 4)  "The Final Test of Eugenics  The Jukes and the Kallikaks were the classic example for worst of humanity.  Their crimes were certainly the worst crimes committed by human beings.  Were there crimes a result of their genetics inherited from 6 generations of feeble minded parents, or were their crimes that they committed a result of their environment, vices, and alcoholism?" 5)  "Would they have behaved differently if their environment was predefined in the optimum nurturing setting, with every variable predetermined? 6)  "Eugenics should above all, concern it's self with the values of possession of sound health, above average I.Q., adaptability of the individual to his or her's environment, and the like." 7)  "England's average I.Q. among the entire population was falling by 1.5 points by 1950, and was projected to fall to a decline of 2.0 I.Q. points by 1960." 8)  "There is so much good in the worst of us and there is so much bad in the best of us." 9)  "The Final Test of Eugenics might make Eugenics quite unnecessary in the future." -H. Bentley Glass The perilous deeds for greed at the expense of the general public's shortened lifespan, done maliciously and well hidden by psychiatrists during these last 6 and a half decades is best defined by the following words written below: For decades, psychiatrists and psychologists have claimed a monopoly over the field of mental health. Governments and private health insurance companies have provided them with billions of dollars every year to treat “mental illness,” only to face industry demands for even more funds to improve the supposed, ever-worsening state of mental health. No other industry can afford to fail consistently and expect to get more funding. A significant portion of these appropriations and insurance reimbursements has been lost due to financial fraud within the mental health industry, an international problem estimated to cost more than a hundred billion dollars every year. The United States loses approximately $100 billion (€81.5 billion) to health care fraud each year. Up to $20 billion (€15.7 billion) of this is due to fraudulent practices in the mental health industry. One of the largest health care fraud suits in US history was in mental health, yet it is the smallest sector within health care. A study of US Medicaid and Medicare insurance fraud, especially in New York, over a twenty-year period, showed psychiatry to have the worst track record of all medical disciplines. Germany reports roughly $1 billion (€807 million) is defrauded each year. In Australia, health care fraud and patient over-servicing has cost taxpayers up to $330 million (€226 million) a year. In Ontario, Canada, psychotherapist Michael Bogart was sentenced to 18 months in jail for defrauding the government of almost $1 million (€815,993), the largest medical fraud case in the history of the province. Mark Schiller, president of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, admitted: “I have frequently seen psychiatrists diagnose patients with a range of psychiatric diagnoses that aren’t justified, to obtain [insurance] reimbursements.” However, psychiatrist and psychologist membership bodies do not police this criminality. Rather, as former president of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), Paul Fink, arrogantly admitted: “It is the task of the APA to protect the earning power of psychiatrists.” The mental health monopoly has practically zero accountability and zero liability for its failures. This has allowed psychiatrists and psychologists to commit far more than just financial fraud. The roster of crimes committed by these “professionals” ranges from fraud, drug offenses, rape and sexual abuse to child molestation, assault, manslaughter and murder. The primary purpose of mental health treatment must be the therapeutic care and treatment of individuals who are suffering emotional disturbance. It must never be the financial or personal gain of the practitioner. Those suffering are inevitably vulnerable and impressionable. Proper treatment therefore demands the highest level of trustworthiness and integrity in the practitioner. As experience has shown that there are many criminal mental health practitioners, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights has developed a database at that lists many of the people in the mental health industry who have been convicted and jailed. Created in response to the high number of convicted mental health practitioners who continue to seek employment in the mental health industry, one of its primary purposes is to inform people about the background of those individuals. There is no place for criminal intent or deed in the field of mental health. CCHR works with others to ensure this standard is upheld. Law enforcement agencies, health care fraud investigators, international police agencies, medical and psychological licensing boards and the general public are all responsible for bringing to an end the criminal psychiatric abuse in the mental health system. Imagine sending your 16 year old -- that placed in two national competitions for math and for music that earned a 3.65 GPA at the second highest academically ranked high school for that year in the USA while he started for the high school football team as a wide receiver, started for the high school baseball team as a starting center fielder, started for the (winter) indoor track team as a 500 meter and 4 by 400 meter sprinter and relayer -- to a psychiatric mental hospital, and to remain in group homes for the mentally disabled until 22 years of age. Suggesting to him that it's a good idea to remain in the mental health "system" for the rest of his life, drugged with tranquilizers and anti-convulsive medication. This happened to me. This was written by Mark Ralph Rowe on 3/9/2016 in the zip code 92101 of San Diego. Real disease is found at autopsy and fully scientifically explained in Pathology textbooks Mental Illnes is defined by what someone does, and real disease is what someone has.

My blogs prove how secret societies popularization of esoteric ideology and universal collectivism aides the process preceeding achieved world government future realization.

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