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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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The federal government is out of money. The federal government does not have enough money to fund itself for the next 10 years. When all that is left is guns, it will be bloggers that will carry us through! Blog that!

The Montauk Project finally came to end on August 12, 1983. On this date, a time portal was opened connecting Montauk Base with the USS Eldridge of 40 years ago, during the original Philadelphia Experiment. While this portal was being opened and maintained, several members of the project, who had become increasingly uncomfortable with the aims and designs of the project heads (and with the effect warping time and space might have on the world around them) decided to bring the project to a crashing halt. A code phrase was whispered to Duncan, at which point he released a monster from his subconscious. This creature, or the "Beast From The Id," materialized as a large hairy monster, smashed its way about the base, and proceeded to destroy and eat everything it could find. Meanwhile, one of the project members began cutting apart cables and conduits in an attempt to sever the power to the base transmitters and shut down the project. After smashing up and cutting apart enough equipment, the transmitter powered down and the Beast mercifully faded away. Afterwards, the gates to Montauk AFB were locked and the base was abandoned for a second and final time. Eventually, Fort Hero (and Montauk Base) was donated to the state of New York as a park. The three most obvious powers that can be derived from this phase of the project are: Clairsentience, Extra Dimensional Movement, and Mind Control. Other possible powers include Dispel, Summon, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Transform. Some powers, such as summoning objects "from the ether" are subject to GM's call as to what best fits his universe. No matter which powers are examined for use in a game setting, it’s obvious all of them require the Montauk Chair as a Focus. This means any character designed around this power concept and special effects has to deal with an Immobile IAF foci, which is the chair itself. Fortunately, most of the powers described are Mental Powers, meaning they have no maximum range and if used in conjunction with Mind Scanning can hit anyone the character can detect.

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