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Sunday, December 24, 2017

top .02 percent Illuminati Adam Weishaupt Bavaria Ingoldstaldt Prussia secret society may 1 1776 foster rationalism combat religion destroy property family religion world government billionaires top .02 percent Illuminati Adam Weishaupt professor of canon law Bavaria Ingoldstaldt Prussia secret society may 1 1776 foster rationalism combat religion destroy property family religion world government billionaire Rockefeller David John Evelyn Rothschild Jacob Samuel New World Order Ages Baden Baden Germany Lower Saxony Berlin Munich Zurich Take over of the world wide financial crisis public necessary dependency on one world system government language currency one set of world leaders elected rule the entire planet without national boarders no need for military world peace credit debt enslavement purchased all nations debt giving them ownership of the world ruled by their one world government Our educational system is broken. It beats the creativity out of you by the time that you are in the fourth grade. It forces you to become a blogger or hacker in order to become creative. Blog that!

The federal government is out of money. The federal government does not have enough money to fund itself for the next 10 years. When all that is left is guns, it will be bloggers that will carry us through! Blog that!

We need to all wake up and learn about Kabbalahism and its evolution with respect to Alchemy, Occult practices, and the intended popularization of esoteric ideology and universal collectivism for world government end goal spread by elite class families also practiced by ruling class families such as the, Warburg, Rockefeller, DuPont, Morgan, McCormick, Rothschild, and Bush families demonstrates their relationship to "Golden Dawn" methods -- taken from the principles contained within "The Book of the Dead" axiomatic laws were the foundations of Egyptian Gnostic religions formation of Zooastric religions was first used by the ruling class and noble class to control large groups of governed people -- since its introduction during the Babylonian empire (cir. B.C. 4100) followed by banking system established by "Templar Knights" financially controlling large groups of people evolved into Rosicrucians, "Free Masons," "Order of the Illuminati," Odin, "Priory of Scion," "Skull and Bones," "Trilateral Commission," and "Bilderberg Group" consists of individuals financially controlling their subjects with mapped cognitively dissonanted perceptions molded and shaped by prolonged exposure to visual/audio graphics and audio sound waves propaganda programming believed by their mind causing their continuous enslavement caused from their continual unwavering need to satisfy root core emotions hardwired into their mind caused by elite class monetary credit/debt system execution.

-Mark R. Rowe

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