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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Part 2: The Grays, Alien Abductions and Genetic Creation of Humans Hybrids Race: Secret US – Extraterrestrials Operations. Hybrids Habitats and Way of Life.4th Edition, (Aliens and hybrids among us)

Grays Alien Abductions Genetic Creation Humans Hybrids Extraterrestrials Maximillien de Lafayette

The book includes:

1.Description of the hybrids’ habitat.

2.Hybrids underground/underwater communities.

3.Their bedrooms, beds, toys, dining rooms, food, and eating habits.

4.Hybrids’ three distinct groups/categories.

5.Hybrids placed for adoption.

6.The Grays fetuses’ room, and how they genetically create a human-hybrid race.

7.Intraterrestrial Grays and their abductees: Rapports, relationship and abductees’ accounts.

8.The future of the human race and the global change.

9.Weather/Climate weapons system, invented by the military and Grays.


11.Weapon system used to suck up the oxygen from the air we breathe.

12.Aliens-US frightening military technology.

13.Extraterrestrials-US joint black operations.

14.The device used to create a holographic projection…103

15.Project Serpo, Zeta Reticuli, and Stargate…104

16. Scenes from the future, as projected by the Grays on holographic screens.

17.Holographic zooming at some intelligence agencies.

18.How the aliens can move American cities, like New York to another place or make them disappear?

19.How the aliens cured an abductee a lung cancer.

20.US military scientists and the Corridor Plasma…176

21.Massive underwater bases and joint human-alien operations.

22.The American military has successfully sent six men through the vortex, to another dimension.

23.Aliens/Grays-US Dulce Base war, and the killing of 66 American soldiers.

24.Holographic pictures showing the entire sequence of the Roswell crash.

25.The aliens Radio plasma belt around earth to isolate earth from the universe.

26.Descrition of the Dulce underground base, and the living quarters of aliens inside the base.

27.Genetic labs that created half human/ half animals.

28.And much much more.

illuminati leaks

info on the free and accepted masons

current nwo plans

the latest on the Rothschild family dealings

current events of the CFR

the last move of the Trilateral Commission

videos of nwo protest

nwo canceled plans

tasks abandoned for nwo due to public outcry

the decline of Royal Society influence

Rockefeller fears - nwo not possible to acheive

consideration for the revocation of Jade Helm and Agenda 21


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