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Friday, March 31, 2017

The following words were written by Mark R. Rowe on March 4, 2017, The Templars created Johannism reserved only for the Templars, and the Roman Catholic to the public is a system of controlling large groups of people governed by one person or by a smaller group of people. This system of controlling large groups of people can best be described as persuasive good verses evil belief system integration are the sets of principles contained within morals strived to be achieved by people living in Christendom. This belief system has outcome guaranteed to occur that benefit the lessor amount of people.

illuminati leaks

info on the free and accepted masons

current nwo plans

the latest on the Rothschild family dealings

current events of the CFR

the last move of the Trilateral Commission

videos of nwo protest

nwo canceled plans

tasks abandoned for nwo due to public outcry

the decline of Royal Society influence

Rockefeller fears - nwo not possible to acheive

consideration for the revocation of Jade Helm and Agenda 21

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