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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

When will we have justice served for these insidious crimes against humanity still continue today?

Still no justice for these particular crimes are routinely ignored, but were already verified that they occur, with existence proof provided with authentic multiple projects documentation shown to the world, with observation of this proof, observed by 100s of millions of people (via webpages, books, and articles found within millions of ethical bloggers' blogs) around the world understand what RA MKULTRA and MONARCH CSIS

RCMP mind-control and brainwashing is, [ with complete definition given by adjunct professor of psychology, (at the University of Utah) D. C. Hammond, Ph.D., definition given in the video with (url) link: [ ] is this knowledge is commonly known information, understood at a wide-scale global level, with cognative-memory recall access, accessing this information, with simlar ease to that of remembering off the top of one's head, the multiple significances/various-values for how someone uses (memorized) household items.


The work of psychologist, Ellen P. Lacter, PhD: 


The work of John Hall, MD:


["A New Breed: Sattelite Terrorism," by John Hall, MD]

The book shown above is available for purchase on by clicking on the (url) link shown below.

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