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Monday, February 17, 2020

The following words are from the description of the video shown on this webpage: Timewatch: Operation Gladio, The Puppeteers. Published on Apr 23, 2013. The second part of a three-part BBC documentary about Gladio. Broadcast on BBC2 in 1992. This documentary tells the story of Gladio, a secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe. It is a secret army - led by the CIA, MI6 and NATO - that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent European citizens, after which they tried to put the facts in the shoes of leftist groups. Known as stay-behinds, these groups were given access to military equipment that was normally intended to carry out sabotage actions after a Soviet invasion. Visit the website » Follow us on Facebook» Follow us on twitter » Contact us» info @ bendevannijvel. com

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