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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A general description of the entities/mechanisms definitions components construct the process required for the redefinition of humans living within a global government have rules, regulations, policies, standards, and characteristics, installed within human dwelling environment, properties of an environment were not choosen by the people of the world, but by the decisions/actions of unelected community/regional/global board committee members not affiliated with any body of government.

Multiple levels of embedded/dynamic information deception dissementated though the internet and mass media outlets provided distinct "masks" observed by the general public, in attempt to cover up ongoing human experiments used in multinational transhuman agenda efforts, a form of genocide/genetic manipulation/mutilation/human-physiological eugenics "human betterment" via genetic alteration done on one group of individuals by another group of individuals unaware of the fact they have been brainwashed by (Aldous Huxley defined) methods of propaganda coupled with pharmacological method caused this group of individuals to believe in the falsehood that they are superior to the other group of individuals [provides justification thought/emotion contained within the mind of the individuals contained within the group of predator individuals doing human experiments on the other group of individuals without their knowledge or consent] where these misinformation and disinformation cyber and non-cyber campaigns are done by intelligence employees working at the same intelligence agencies responsible for abduction/human experiments/human mind-programming/human use of humans behavior-controlled by handlers during national security and (domestic level) intelligence operations has source is the reference made to the work of MIT professor, Norbert Weiner contributions to control theory with the feild of science, Cybernetics.  The main reason why there is this attempt to hide ongoing mass human experiments used for transhuman/transgenic alchemical agendas programs, projects, and operations such as the former Project: "Blue Planet" and current day, Project: "Pulsar," has final product is either genetically altered human or photosynthetic human biological "appliance" a topic of study has information found in particular classes course syllabus definitions, classes found at within major universities core class requirements satisfy completed advanced degrees in multiple graduate degree programs grant advanced degrees in biophysics, evolutionary biological sciences, genetic engineering, neurology, neuroscience, and biochemistry have core class requirements, classes taught to students verified information about the appeased collective acceptance of group-professional level implemented, executed, and application of the pre-medidtative planned coordination (done at multi-organizational level) of malice, (human-physiological) violence in the form (mutilation done to abductee/victim's brain and/or other areas of the body, without their knowledge or consent an area with the field of psychophysics, where there exists the "department of psychophysics" at Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Boston, MA.

Additionally, please refer to the work of the following scientists, physicians, and engineers shown in the sentance to follow.  John Gittenger, John C. Wells, J. B. S. Haldane, Jose Delgado, William Sargant, J. Pershinger, and Robert Duncan, BA, MS, MBA, PhDs, gave more supportive evidence about the reality of horrific human experiments that are undisputed crimes against humanity, crimes that are (de facto) infractions of multiple laws found in every US state county, city, town, and unincorporated municipal districts penal codes of laws enforced on a daily basis, enforced by police departments, courts, and also enforced with the efforts of nationwide intelligence and surveillance activities done by numerous intelligence government agencies.


United States Patent 5,159,703 on October 27, 1992 | Inventor: Oliver M. Lowery (Norcross, GA) | Silent subliminal presentation system

As the existence of such mind-weapon was proved in the photo shown below.

Additional sources provide more supporting evidence for what was written on this webpage, where sources are shown below.

Gang Stalking: The Threat to Humanity by Dr. Corkin F. Cherubini (2014-09-02)

"GangStalking: The Threat to Humanity" is available for purchase on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Bright Light on Black Shadows, International Edition, Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde; January 1, 2015 by Infonurt2.Bohdan Szewczyk, ISBN-13: 978-0994037404

The book, "Bright Light on Black Shadows" is available for purchase on by clicking on the link below.

This fourth generation warfare domain environment, a war on you, a war on the individual, ended before it began with roots in evil far greater than what Adolf Hitler did at Auschwitz. It certainly was not difficult to predict that the good always wins in the end, despite all adversaries attempted to impede its path to fulfillment was the reality of a global government impossible to install, where the people of this world could breath easy without the threat of their land/resources forced into regional system with progression towards an only one world system controlled all arenas in the world directly affected the people of the world was only a figment of the imagination for future generations to come.

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