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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The choice between the lesser of two evils in alingment with science and tech. need required scientific research and development of a similar (or a similar but also superior) weapons system platform competed with enemy neuroscientific weapons systems attack the mind of individual, requirements, design, testing, construction, implementation, and lifecycle, is the conscious choice made by person in a position of more power over the victimization of your Dad, your Aunt, your Son, the nextdoor neighbor's Nephew, You, Me, your police department chief's Daughter or a Construction Worker working in a job remoldeling the Lourve near the Arch di triom. located in the central area of Paris, France, or another individual chosen for the purpose is the purpose provides contributions made to the advancement of neuroscientific directed energy weapons, such as one created by Robert Duncan, BA, MS, MBA, PhD, is the neuroscientific directed energy weapons platform, Telemetric Amplifier Mind Interface (TAMI), as this is proved true, by reading Dr. Robert Duncan's book, "The Matrix Deciphered."

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