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Thursday, January 28, 2016

East Grinstead, Sussex, London, England is the location of theSainthill faggot house for Scientologist imbeciles worshiping Baphometthe Godhead of the worst type of greed; "Victorian Empire Number 2"equals today's average overseas killings of 100,000 innocent people sothat .02 of people in the worlds current total population can have80/100 of everything.

     But please remember and keep in your mind the following: 

"The clinical distinction between neurology and psychiatry is increasingly appreciated as awkward and artificial.  Neurology has traditionally focused on organic disorders with identifiable pathology, whereas psychiatry has focused on functional disorders without observable pathology."

     "Functional disorders have no observable scientific pathology, hence functional disorders have unidentifiable pathology therefore, the path-physiological basis has not yet been discovered for any type of functional disorder."
     However psychiatry is a real type of medicine practiced by real psychiatric physicians of whom prescribe real drugs to their patients of whom ingest real drugs in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric hospitals, hence the contradiction proving that psychiatry is not a real science is true.

My blogs prove how secret societies popularization of esoteric ideology and universal collectivism aides the process preceeding achieved world government future realization.

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