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Friday, January 15, 2016

The following was written by Mark Ralph Rowe on January 13, 2016 at 5PMPacific Time in the city of San Diego, California: "the clinicaldistinction between neurology and psychiatry is increasinglyappreciated as awkward and artificial. Neurology has traditionallyfocused on organic disorders with identifiable pathology, whereaspsychiatry has focused on functional disorders without observablepathology. If one cannot measure something that has the mathematicaldefinition for a particular type of functional disorder defined by themathematics defining the science of pathology while pathology definesthe problems that physicians solve then, obviously physicians cannotsolve some problems that are defined by the science of pathology suchas the particular problem (e.g. a particular type of functionaldisorder) is a false English statement for only this sentence becauseone type of science (for the natural known universe that you and I bothcurrently live in) is pathology. Pathology is a type of sciencebelonging to human bio-medical science. Pathology is the humanbio-medical science that defines every disease that any particularperson and also to include any person within all 7 billion personsliving on earth in the current day of the current (2016 A.D.) year hassome possibility of being diagnosed with during their natural humanlife time duration's' start to end. If any person could get anyparticular disease defined by a pathologist then, also if any persongot a functional disorder treatable with substances found in thenatural chemistry of the planet earth prescribed by a physician thatspecializes in some particular type of psychiatric medicine has theknowledge that functional disorders are not the following: 1);psychiatric disorders are diseases with unidentifiable pathology thatare obviously not scientifically observable and, 2); thepatho-physiological basis has not been discovered for psychiatricdisorders because obviously psychiatric disorders are diseases withunidentifiable pathology that are obviously not scientificallyobservable. Finally we have shown what we needed to demonstrate, thatwas contained within every sentence that you have been reading from thevery first sentence until this final sentences' end (after the word)here."

Functional disorders have no observable scientific pathology, hence functional disorders have unidentifiable pathology therefore the patho-physiological basis has not yet been discovered for functional disorders that has been the focus of psychiatry for the last 226 years. Neurological disorders do have pathology that is scientifically observable and identifiable.
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