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Friday, January 8, 2016

ILLUMINATI [ilu’mine’tai; ilu’mina’ti], a name given by the Ante-NiceneChurch Fathers to those who submitted to Christian baptism (Greek; phiomega tau o’ s, “illumination”). They were called “Illuminati” (phiomega tau o’ s), or “illuminated ones,” on the assumption that thosewho were instructed for baptism in the Apostolic faith had received thegrace of illumination in an enlightened understanding. Clement ofAlexandria speaks thus of such baptismal light: “This is the one graceof illumination, that our characters are not the same as before ourwashing. And since knowledge springs up with illumination, shedding itsbeams around the mind, the moment we hear, we who were untaught becomedisciples. . . . This work is called . . . illumination by which thatholy light of salvation is beheld, that is, by which we see Godclearly.” Among the societies subsequently adoption the name“illuminati” were the Alumbrados or Alombrados, a mystical sectexisting in Spain from the early sixteenth century and appearing inFrance as the Guerinets during the period by a secret society foundedby Adam Weishaupt, professor of canon law at Ingoldstaldt, on May 1,1776, with the aim of combating religion and fostering rationalism.-Frederick Bronkema



Dear Sir or Madam, Does a pathology define the relationshiop between a human being and the disease that he or she might or might not have? Pathologists make discoveries of diseases? Are pathologtist scientists? Are physicians scientists that make discoveries of the relationshiops between human beings and human beings' diseases/ that they might or might not have? What was the name of the science found within medical science that was praticed among som physicians, (but only for the years before the yeart 1890) that only specialiezed in treating or curing the person that did not "speak," "think," "do life," or "behave" the like, just as 90% of the worlds population currently still does in the same manner for this year of 2016? I can answer the last question for you. THere did not exist a science found within medical science before the year 1890 that specialized in treating or curing persohns that "spoke differently," "thought differently", "did their own life differnetly," "behaved differently," hence, there was a demand that a sceince within medical science that dealt with these "differnet" people be created this, Emil Kraegen and his Diagnostic and Statistical Model (for diagnosing) Mental Disorders Version Number 1 (in the year 1890 in Berlin, Germany at the Berling College.) Emil Draegen published the first version of the book titled "Diagnostic and Statistical Model for diagnosing Mental Disorders" in Berlin, Germany in the yera 1890 and, four years later antother man published another great work of medical science that only consisted of the psycholbilogical, psychochemical, pure-psychological and applied psycholociacl levels within the section of medical schience sdiscoverd by Emil Drqegen four years earlerr in the form of the first version of the book titled the "Diagnostica nd Statistical Model for diagnosing Mental Disorders," in the year 1890. THis man had the name of Sigmund Frued and he published the book titled "Psychoanalysis" in an Austrian city within the year 1894 A.D. How I speak, think, "do my life," or behave within reason is my choice and, is obviously not a symptom of a medical disease that I have since, I don't determin if I "get" a disease or "not get" a disease. The height of the industrial rvolution if measured by only one year in modern world history could best be described as any number beloonging to the se of 30 numbers from (1870-1900) but where 1870 and 1900 are the Gregorian calender years in modern world history. The year 1890 and the year 1894 were bothe two ears that are contained within the set of possible ears for the measurement for a specific calender year that defines the year for the year, that marks the height of the Industrial Revolution. What possible facts and events that were contained int eh last 30 years of the 19th century caused the ruling class and the elite class during these years to begin to start the cration of massive size, "henind the scenes" privately and publically funded U.S. government, U.K. government and German governments to create "call to action plans" for longlasting human depopulation agendas, programs, and the medical means for depopulating the masses via discovered and egineered for sale technological devices such as tools for medical Vasectumy removals, the tools for the rmoval of embroys or embryotic tissue mass, condoms, "dental dams," spermicides and, other technology eghineered for the goal of taking away life or preventing life of human beings. Why did 3 supreme court justices in the state of California during the winter of 1879 say something that paralles the following words (but these three said it in a courtroom in Sacrement, California to the grand jury in a federal courtroom: "three generations of imbecility is enought for htis family. If we do nothng to stop thier spread of their imbecility then we are still respnsible for feeing useless imbeciles growing higher and higher in numbers decad atfer decad. But if we decide fororehand for whom is to be born while, also deciding who is and, who is not to produce thier sons and daughters then, we will ought to have rid ourseves of imbeciles and have only kept the mentally sound, mentally able, mentally gifted and strong." H. G. Wells was one of the most influential writers during the late 19th century and throughout the early 20th century but then overshadowed by Aldous Huxley's writings by the mid 1930's when Adolf Hitler borrowed the ideas prsented in many of Aldous Huxley's epic novels such as, the idea that there might exist a future where there are human spcies, superhuman species, and subhuman species all first were supposed by the famous writer Aldous Huxley during the first quarter of the twentieth century. The Rockefeller family by the year 1879 was the wealthiest family in the United States only second to the wealthiest family in the world by 1879 that is and was the Rothschild family. The Rocelfeller family had made several large contributions to charites by the years 1879; the most noteworthy is and was the Rockefeller Foundation did not exist for both the year 1926 and for the year 1927 since, the Rockefeler Foundation was founded for its first year of its continued exsitence that was the year 1927 and while, this foundation began funding "call to action" programs and public agendas responsible for the Eugenics movements' first year in the United States of America (in particular for California's first year of its mandatory state laws that enforced Eugenics for California citizens) for the year 1927 A.D.

My blogs prove how secret societies popularization of esoteric ideology and universal collectivism aides the process preceeding achieved world government future realization.

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