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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Jason Society, the "Special Group", the Study Group for Project MJ-12, and the Trilateral Committee during the Truman Administration and Eiesenhower Administration (1947-1954)

The Members of the Jason Society and of whom formed their "Special Group", mistakenly known for is public name, the Skull and Bones.

Members of the "Study Group for MJ-12" and the Trilateral Committee during the Truman Adminstration and Eiesenhower Administration; (1947-1954)

Here is the list of its members:

Gordon Dean

Dr. Henry Kissinger

Dr. Edward Teller

Major Gen. C. Lindsey

W. Baldwin

Loyde D. Burtner

Frank C. Nash

Paul H. Neitzey

Charles P. Noise

Frank Pace Jr.

James A. Perkins

Don K. Price

David Rockefeller

Oscar M. Rubenhausen

Lt. Gen. James A. Gavin

Carl P. Haskins

James T. Hill Jr.

Joseph E. Johnson

Mervin J. Kelly

Frank Altschul

Hamilton Fish Armstrong

Maj. Gen. James McCormick Jr.

Robert R. Bowie

McGeorge Bundy

William A. Burdon

John C. Campell

Thomas K. Finletter

George S. Franklin Jr.

I. I. Rabi

Roswell L. Patrick

N. E. Halabey

Gen. Walter B. Smith

Henry Dewolf Smythe

Sheils Warren

Carol L. Wilson

Arnold Wolffers

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