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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The losers who send out V2K signal attacks are the most pathetic people that you could ever meet in your life

Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment

Voice To Skull (V2K)

Joseph Sharp's voice to skull success, performed with Dr. James C. Lin's pulsed microwave transmitter, and publicly announced in 1974 at the University of Utah, at a seminar presented to the faculties of engineering and psychology.

That seminar, and the operating principle of Sharp's successful experiment, were described in the March 1975 "American Psychologist" journal. The operating principle, which has been improved upon in the more than three decades since Sharp's success, is based on the fact that one microwave radar pulse of medium to high power can produce an audible click in the hearing sense of a person in line with the signal. That effect has been called "radar hearing" since World War II. Dr. Joseph Sharp used a computer to cause one microwave radar-like pulse to be transmitted every time a speaker's voice wave form swung from high to low.

The result was that when Joseph Sharp sat in line with a microwave transmitter transmitting pulses as shown above, he could hear a "robotic" voice speaking the numerals 0 to 9. He did not carry the experiment further, at least according to available records. Sharp's experiment took place in 1973, and although the potential for microwave radiation to cause cancer wasn't as widely known, it may be that radiation danger is the reason this technology has not, at least publicly, been developed further.

Research into radar hearing by Dr. Allen Frey in the 1960s established that roughly three-tenths of a watt per square centimeter of skull surface is required to generate the clicks from which the voice is synthesized. Synthesis of voice from clicks is a primitive form of "digital audio."

For some years in the 1990s and early 2000s, the United States Army recognized "voice to skull" technology, which they abbreviated as "V2K," in their on line thesaurus. For reasons unknown, the Army removed that thesaurus entry circa 2007.

Some references to developing more advanced types of voice to skull can be found among patents, and rare United States Air Force references to the technology in the late 1990s forward. Voice to skull (V2S/V2K), a commercial version dubbed MEDUSA - "Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio", was proposed for commercial development for military and police use, per ABC news in summer 2008.

Targets report invasive sound transmissions of good fidelity at various times of day. Voices saying profane and disparaging things are common. False sounds of telephones ringing, pagers beeping, alarm clocks going off, knocking on the target's door, and other sounds have been reported. The fidelity of these transmissions indicates improvement over the method demonstrated by Dr. Joseph. Information about the Illuminati click here

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