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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The American Psychiatric Association and the Psychiatrists directly responsible, need to stop drugging the innocent children of this world!

Written by Mark R. Rowe on February 25, 2015 in San Diego, CA

     When you throw out a 3 star athlete, top performing musician, artist, national math competitor, and a student with a scientific aptitude 3 to 4 years ahead of his current grade level -- God gets angry.  Why does God get angry?  God gets angry because this 16 year old child, that is, myself, Mark Ralph Rowe -- that society threw out to the hands of the dogs (of whom are) a group of Zionist elites that mandate, direct, and create public mental health policy.  This policy created directly affects the decisions, that are then applied to the mental health system, that in turn, affects the decisions made by mental health professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and mental health social workers.  These decisions that were made by these people certainly affected me in the winter of 1993, when I was coerced, and forced into the mental health system, while only before, an overachiever, star athlete, honor roll student, musician, artist, national math competitor, and a high school student with a scientific comprehension 3 to 4 grade levels above his current grade of 10.
     The American Psychiatric Association, and the Zionist elite of whom hold 99 per cent of the upper management positions a the A.P.A. -- need to stop drugging the innocent children of this world, just as I, Mark Ralph Rowe, was a victim of a senseless act of unnecessarily psychiatric drugging by a one Dr. Eric Steckler M.D. (his office is located on Old Chain Bridge Rd in McLean, VA of zip code 22101) while attending McLean High School in 1993, not to mention that the week before, I was a possible candidate for the Junior Varsity football M.V.P. award, since I had just made 3 long yard receptions as the J.V. starting wide receiver against Langley High School (our High School's biggest rival) on a Friday in late January of 1993.

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