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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The hopes the the Bilderberger Group and the stated goals of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy since 1940 (by G. Brock and Chrisholm; the two co-founders of the World Federation of Mental Health) will not be achieved, since there is a wide level exposure of their plans for mass world de-population to the number of 500 million, world goverenment, world citizenship, a world religion, and the abolishment of Christianity, the abandoment to traditional family traditions, and the popularization of national patriotism protrayed as something that is not normal or odd.

Written be Mark R. Rowe in San Diego, CA on 5/3/2015

The Bilderberger Group is an evil cancer that has the hope of the same hope that is written on the Georgia Guidestones in the state of Georgia. One of these hopes that is written on the Georgia Guidestones is to maintain the world’s population at around 500,000,000 people that is 500 million people

The goal of psychiatry and psychotherapy since 1940, has been to achieve world government. This was stated by the two founders of the World Federation of Mental Health, G. Brock, and Chrisholm at the first annual convention for the World Federation of Mental Health in 1940.

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